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Sunday, May 15th 2005

4:24 PM

Some Pretear 'Anime' Quotes

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I should, of course, start off with "Pretear : The New Legend of Snow White" as far as quotes and such go now shouldn't I?

A brief character overview -

  • Himeno Awayuki - Princess Pretear(16)
  • Hayate - Knight of Wind(17)
  • Sasame - Knight of Sound(17)
  • Kei - Knight of Light(16)
  • Goh - Knight of Fire/Heat(16)
  • Mannen - Knight of Ice(10)
  • Hajime - Knight of Water(7)
  • Shin - Knight of Plants/Nature(5)
  • Kaoru Awayuki - Himeno's Father
  • Natsue Awayuki - Himeno's Stepmother
  • Mawata Awayuki - Himeno's Youngest Stepsister(14)
  • Mayune Awayuki - Himeno's Oldest Stepsister(17)
  • Yayoi - Himeno's Best Friend(16)
  • Tanaka - The Awayuki's Driver
  • Mikage - The Awayuki's main Maid
  • Fenril - The Princess of Disaster

Just know that for Himeno to "Pret" with one of her Knights it is essentially to merge souls with him, to become one.  In order to do this they must hold hands.

Hayate's Opening Voice Over

Liefe... It is the life in all things. Liefe... The power which all living things carry. Both men and women... When Pretear's Liefe and a Knight's Liefe are combined into one... A new power is born.

Himeno has just ran out from some bushes and ran right into Hayate, knocking him down and knocking the wind of out him.  She notices how handsome he is and gets a bit dreamy while looking at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry" ~ Himeno

"You.." ~ Hayate

"Oh?" ~ Himeno

"..Are.." ~ Hayate

"Hmm" ~ Himeno

"..So.." ~ Hayate

[Himeno Blushes, sure that a compliment is coming her way]

"HEAVY!  I thought I was going to DIE!" ~ Hayate [who has just pushed her off him]

[this comment deflates Himeno and thus they proceed to argue, aww, their first meeting]

After her first encounter with Hayate an Angry Himeno reminisces

"What's up with that guy? His face is the only good thing about him!"

Himeno to Hayate

"Oh Look, if it isn't Mr. Handsome but Heartless"

Himeno is thinking to herself

"I wonder what would happen if I disappeared..."

Mayune thinking about Himeno

"What is with that girl? This reeks of weirdness..."

Himeno buys some Ice Cream but Mannen wants it

"I'll have a double green-tea-and-kimchi and fermented soybean yogurt with chocolate chip topping!" [kimchi=spicy korean pickles] ~ Himeno

"I got it! You were no match for me! [after he steals Himeno's ice-cream] ~ Mannen
"My green-tea-kimchi!" ~ Himeno

"Thanks for the free snack! Mmmm!" ~ Mannen

[*his face turns different colors and he faints*]

"Perhaps green-tea-kimchi is too much for you. You're still a kid." ~ Himeno
"You don't have sense of taste..." ~ Mannen

Himeno asks Sasame if he can help her become a better Pretear, and he gladly offers to help.

Sasame : [holds out hand] "Give me your right hand."
Himeno : *uncomfortable* "Eh? W-with YOU?"
Sasame : "Exactly."
Himeno : *gulps*
Sasame : "My Liefe and your Liefe, to create a new power..."
Himeno : [turns redder at every word]
Sasame : "Come, lets become one."
Himeno : [twitches at the thought] *squeaks* "O-one?" *explodes pink cloud on top of head and falls over*
Sasame : "You don't want me to...?" [He asks confused]
Himeno : "T-that's not it, I'm just not emotional ready yet."
Sasame : "Emotionally ready?" [He asks, still confused]
Himeno : "Um, no...Never mind that..." *coughs & holds out her hand* "You may take my hand."

Hayate is putting Himeno through some 'Tests' to see if she's good enough to be the Pretear.

"This is the final test. As the battle drags on, fortitude becomes more and more important. Faced with this mountain of sweets, how long can you control your-" ~ Hayate [He stops midsentence]

[Himeno starts to shove everything in her mouth]

"...." ~ Hayate
"Saweh, ah aweday aydeh!" ~ Himeno
"'Sorry, I already ate it', she says" ~ Mannen
"Hmmmf hhhhhmfff!" ~ Himeno
"'Heh heeeeehh', she says." ~ Mannen

[Hayate is pissed and stalks off]

"Damn it, do whatever the hell you want!" ~ Hayate

Mayune meets Hayate as he runs into her and knocks her down

Mayune: "Watch where you're going!!"
Hayate: "Sorry."
Mayune: "Oh. He's handsome..." [she thinks]

[she grabs Hayate's hair]

Hayate: "Wha-"

[She proceeds to drag him home]

Mayune: "Do you think that when you bump into a lady, 'sorry' is all you should say? Come with me!"
Hayate: "Wait! Hey!"

Mayune is taking a shower with Hayate standing right outside the shower door

Mayune: "So, your name is Hayate?"
Hayate: "Y-yeah."
Mayune: "You should be thanking me, Hayate. To become my personal servant is quite an honor!"
Hayate: "Servant? What are you talking about, when did I agree to that?"

Kei is annoyed at how needy Shin & Hajime are and how loud Mannen is

Kei: "This is why I hate children."

Hayate has taken a job at the Awayuki residence, working for Himeno's father

Hayate: "Your father's calling you, tulip head." [Hayate to Himeno]

Himeno is having a bad dream, Hayate is in her room looking out for her as he feels that her dream is the doing of The Princess of Disaster.

Himeno: "Nooo!!" *she wakes up from the bad dream and jumps into Hayate's arms*
Hayate: "Himeno..."
Himeno: ".... Nooo!"  *she punches Hayate away*
Himeno: "Wh-wh-wh-what are you doing in here!!!??"
Hayate: "What am I... Well.. You See.. I'm just..."
Himeno: "Look, I don't have those kind of feelings for you!  At all!!"
Hayate: "Idiot! It's not like that!"
Himeno: "Then what's it like!?"
Hayate: "Like... So... Well, nothing..."
Himeno: "GET OUT!"

Hayate has been following Himeno around everywhere she goes to protect her from harm, but is keeping his distance of course and hasn't told her why he is following her.  Himeno has Yayoi be on the lookout for him.  Yayoi misinterprets why Hayate is following Himeno.

Yayoi: "That guy must really love you, Himeno!" (talking about Hayate)
Himeno: "WHA-!!?"
Yayoi: "But he can't find the words to tell you! Asleep or awake, 24 hours a day, he can only think of you, Himeno! Even though his love he can't admit, he just can't give up! On the night of the full moon, he sheds tears all alone, like a lonely werewolf! Himeno, why don't you accept him... HIS FEELINGS!?"
Himeno: "Eh... You're kidding, right...?"

[Himeno cuts through some bushes after class hoping to lose Hayate but he grabs her hands and pulls her out them and unceremoniously lets her fall on her face.  Then runs off yelling at her that the enemy is close by and to hurry.]

Himeno: "Yayoi!  How Could you think that these are the unrequited feelings of a lonely werewolf?!" [She yells to no one before following him]

Hayate is still unimpressed with Himeno's progress

Hayate: "You're still only half a Pretear."
Himeno: "But... I know that! That's right, half a Pretear. So I thought I would do my best to become a little better! What do you want!? You hate me don't you? That's why... nothing I do is ever good enough for you!  That's why I don't care anymore!"
Hayate: "...."
Himeno: "Go ahead and say it clearly! Say that you hate me! Say it!! I'll beat the Princess of Disaster without you!  I DON'T NEED YOU!"
Hayate: "...."
Goh: "Himeno!" [Goh is shocked at her words]
Hayate: "I see." (walks away)
Himeno: "...." [Already feeling regret and bad about what she just said]
Mannen: "It's over for them." (Goh hits Mannen on the head)

Hayate to Himeno after they defeat some of Fenrils Demon's

Himeno: "Hayate. Um... I said an awful things to you today. I'm really sorry."
Hayate: "...."
Sasame: "...Hayate."
Hayate: "Those words really hurt me."
Sasame: "Hayate!"
Hayate : "But I am a Liefe Knight and I can't stand around and do nothing even if means working with a stupid Pretear who pisses me off!"

[Himeno fumes for a second]

Himeno: "W-who's stupid? Are you saying I'm some kind of BITCH!?"
Hajime, Mannen, and Shin: "Don't go there."
Hayate: "Man, I'm starving." [Fully ignoring her tirade]
Himeno: "Aarrghh..."

The Liefe Knights tell Himeno that Hayate has finally admitted to accepting her.  She is confused because she heard him say no such thing.

Sasame: "He finally admitted it."
Himeno: "Hm? What?"
Sasame: "About you, of course."
Himeno: "Huh?"
Sasame: "He sure said it! He said "a stupid Pretear that pisses me off" he's accepted you"

Himeno was looking for Hayate but is unable to find him.

Himeno: "Hayate... When I want you to be around... you're not here. I'm so scared..."

Hayate concerned about Himeno, who got hit on her head by a heavy object but didn't seem to feel any pain.  Himeno has just slid down a banister on her butt.

"Didn't that hurt Himeno?" ~ Hayate

"What? Oh, you mean my butt? [looks down on her butt] EEK It's cracked in TWO!" ~ Himeno

[Hayate is non-impressed nor amused]

"Just kidding, lighten up Hayate!" ~ Himeno

Himeno has a breakdown & is unable to Pret in battle this causes Sasame to be hurt in battle.  The next morning she runs away from home.  Hayate, worried goes searching for her.  He finds her at the beach.

[Himeno is shocked to see Hayate and begins to shiver]

Himeno : "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" [she says over and over]

[Hayate goes up to her and hugs her close to him]

Himeno : "I'm sorry that because I can't Pret Sasame got hurt.  Please find another Pretear"

Hayate : "I'm glad you're safe. It's allright. You can give up being Pretear if you want to. Remember, you are still you, and no one can ever take that away. Your irreplaceable, and never forget it. And if it hurts too much, don't push yourself any more. It's ok to quit.  I am here for you."

Sasame to the rest of the Liefe Knights(Except Hayate)

"A wounded heart can't be so easily healed. An open wound never closes and the pain can never be fully supressed..."

Himeno to the Princess of Disaster, Fenril

"...you're wrong...because if I give in, I can't...protect everyone.  That's why...I won't give in!"

Himeno has left home to draw Fenril away from her family.  She and the knights(Except Sasame) are at a nearby church for the night, but Himeno can't sleep so she goes outside and sits on the Church steps.  Hayate follows her and sits down next to her.

Hayate : "Can't sleep? If you don't sleep, you won't be able to keep your strength up."

[He sits so close that Himeno blushes and becomes uncomfortable so she moves a bit away.]

Hayate : "I'm sorry.  Ever since I've met you I have brought you nothing but pain.  First you had to leave your family and now this thing with Sasame is all my fault."  

Himeno : "Do you regret it? [He looks at her quizzically] That you made me into Pretear...that you met me? I don't regret it. [She looks up into the sky at the stars with a smile on her face] I'm glad I became Pretear, because I was able to meet you..."

[Hayate, watching her every move, makes a sudden movement, grasping onto her before hesitantly saying]

Hayate : "We were all searching for a Pretear, and we found you. In this vast world, I found you..."

[Surprised, and blushing she says]

Himeno : "Hayate..." 

Hayate : "I'm the one who found..." [hugging her tightly] "...you." [Edging closer and closer, they almost kiss... BUT a DAMN Can rolls down the steps and they break apart.]

Hayate goes off to fight Fenril's Knight but before he goes he makes Himeno a promise.

Hayate : "When this fight is over, there's something I want to tell you. Thats why...I'll come back to you no matter what."

Sigh ... I just LOVE this anime!!!

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